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Welcome to IMBY -In My BackYard- a consultancy for ecological and climate-resilient gardens and landscapes. Whereas NIMBY - 'Not In My BackYard' - is more of a countermovement, with IMBY we want to bring a positive story. We would like to turn your garden into a green oasis for you to enjoy and where nature is also welcome. Our preference is to work mainly with native plants. It is precisely these plant species that attract many butterflies, bees and birds to your garden and are best adapted to our climate.
Everyone wants a beautiful and nice garden, with little maintenance. More and more people are interested and eager to give nature a helping hand. The good news is that in an ecological garden this can easily be combined. Even small interventions can make a difference to nature. If you too would like to get started but are not sure where to begin, IMBY can help you with tailored ecological advice. Read all about it in our services. We are also available to companies and municipalities for advice on designing nature-friendly green spaces. 

Your garden happiness is our priority and we get our inspiration from nature.
Reconnecting with the wildlife that lives under our noses, in our gardens and parks. The jungle that lurks just outside your back door
David Goulsen
Biology Professor, specialized in bumblebee ecology
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